What we do

As part of the Wiener Zeitung Media Group, we operate under the well-known brand auftrag.at to offer digital products, services and content on public contracts and their awarding. In doing so, we provide support to contracting authorities seeking successful procurement outcomes via e-tendering as well as to companies wishing to acquire public contracts in Austria and across the EU.

For contractors

The public sector is the largest contracting client in Austria. We help companies from any industry navigate this sales channel smoothly and professionally, so they can acquire public contracts more easily.

Find public contracs: auftrag.at-Suche

Set up a customised company search profile for public tenders in Austria and across the EU. Get interesting tenders conveniently sent to you via email, to check out over breakfast. All tailored to your business, your expertise and your target markets. Never miss a sales opportunity again!
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Showcase your company: auftrag.at-Connect

Present your company, your products and your strengths on Austria’s best-known tendering platform. Be quicker to find by contracting authorities or potential business partners, and receive direct invitations to take part in public tenders or collaborate in bidder consortiums.
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Take part in tenders online: auftrag.at-eTendering

From registration and downloading participant documents to submitting bids. Via direct invitation by contracting authorities or via public announcements. Bid online on tenders on the auftrag.at eTendering platform or via auftrag.at Direktvergabe.
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For contracting authorities

auftrag.at operates Austria's best-known, most experienced and longest-standing procurement platform for contracting authorities and bidders - lieferanzeiger.at. We are constantly updating it in order to ensure it meets current procurement legislation.

Carry out procurement procedures online: lieferanzeiger.at

Using lieferanzeiger.at is an easy, fully electronic and legally compliant way for contracting authorities to conduct procurements. Carry out upper or lower threshold procedures with the relevant national and EU publications. Complete minor procurement processes transparently and in compliance with the law, without the need for announcements, via auftrag.at Direct award.
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Market exploration made easy: auftrag.at-Connect

Conduct market surveys more efficiently. Locate competent bidders faster and more easily, and invite them to take part in your tenders. Search for companies based on their range of products, services and delivery areas on Austria's top awarding platform.
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For all auftrag.at customers

We bring contracting authorities and contractors together on our online platforms. In line with our tradition and our place as part of the Wiener Zeitung Media Group, we also supply up-to-date information about public procurement, including the latest trends and insights, for everyone.

Read about procurement: auftrag.at blog

In the biggest blog in Austrian procurement, we publish fascinating articles and the latest news from the world of public procurement and auftrag.at. We keep contracting authorities up-to-date with current case law and judicial decisions. For contractors, we regularly post about industry terminology and offer tips on how to achieve greater success when participating in tenders. And to round off this wealth of information at auftrag.at blogs, we also publish guest blogs from experts in Austrian procurement.
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Listen to procurement insights: auftrag.at podcast Vergabe Insights

Vergabe Insights, the very first podcast on public procurement in Austria, delves into all the ins and outs of public procurement. Every month, our podcast hosts chat with guests who share their insights into awarding and bidding for public contracts, demonstrating how varied and applicable to life they can be. Contracting authorities and entrepreneurs share their knowledge and experience from life in procurement at auftrag.at podcast.
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Look up keywords: auftrag.at procurement glossary

We have put together a comprehensive, easy-to-follow and practical guide to the key terms of public procurement at auftrag.at. These glossary entries have been legally verified and are your springboard into procurement, not to mention a reliable source of information for online searches.
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