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About search search scans all publications of tendering procedures that are published online in Austria and/or throughout the EU. It does not matter which platform is used for the tender.

Please note: There are also award procedures, such as direct awards without notice, which are not published. These cannot be found via search.

With search, you receive hits from public tenders by email every day. These hits are based on one or more personal search profiles for public tenders which you compile yourself using search.

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In the new search function you can search for tenders and their publications that were announced in the last 28 days. Enter the desired search parameters in the search mask and you will receive the hit list with all matching hits of the last 28 days.

When you save a new search profile or click on the cogwheel in search profile admin, you can assign several recipient email addresses, separated by a comma, to a search profile. These email addresses will receive daily hit emails if there are any tenders matching the search profile.

To show you how to create a search profile and set up hit emails, we have created a short instruction video.

Change the parameters of your search profile until the real-time preview shows you suitable results.

Our tip for success: Create a more general search profile to start with, even if this leads to a higher number of hits in the hit emails. Then optimise the search profile for daily use by changing specific search parameters, e.g. the CPV or NUTS-Codes.

The upgrade of the search algorithm has modernised the core of our search. This has fundamentally changed the search behaviour – existing search profiles will inevitably deliver different (but correct) results.

With our real-time preview, you can see at a glance what the hit emails of the past 28 days would have looked like based on your search profile. Why not try it out?

A search profile enables you to choose which tenders you want to receive by using different search parameters. Among other things, you can set clients you are interested in, the location where an advertised contract is to be fulfilled and the type of advertised products or services you are interested in.

If there are any published tenders that match a search profile you have created, these are automatically sent each day as hits in an email to the recipient email address set for the search profile.

A CPV code consists of 9 digits. These are used in the EU to describe which products/services contracting authorities wish to procure in tenders. Therefore, when creating a search profile, you can specify CPV codes as search parameters to ensure that only hits matching your range of products/services are sent to you.

Our tip for success: CPV codes are structured hierarchically. Use higher-level CPV codes initially to avoid limiting the search hits too much.

You’ll find more information on CPV codes in the blog (only available in German).

A NUTS code describes where an advertised contract is to be carried out. When creating a search profile, you can specify NUTS codes as search parameters so that you are only sent hits whose job locations are of interest to you.

Our tip for success: NUTS codes are structured hierarchically. Use higher-level NUTS codes initially so as not to limit the search hits too much.

You can find more information on NUTS codes in the procurement glossary (only available in German).

If you click on a hit in the hit list, you will get a detailed view of the corresponding call for tenders. You'll also find information on how to access the tender documents. If the tender is processed via an e-tendering platform, you will find the corresponding web address as a button or link in the detailed view.

You must be logged in as a user. When you’re not logged in, you can only use the quick search feature. This offers a simple, quick search for tenders without the ability to enter or change search parameters, such as "contracting authority", "NUTS code" or "CPV code".

If you want to use the full scope of search, please log in with your user data or register as a new user.

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