Here you can find the prices for all our products and services.
(all prices in Euro excl. VAT)

Electronic handling of award proceduresPrice per item
Upper threshold all types of tender procedures*€ 300
Lower threshold all types of procedures€ 300
Direct award without prior publication€ 50

*Including all associated national and EU-wide publications within 12 months and 1 hour of user support for contracting authorities

National publications of noticesPrice per item
National publications excl. correction/revocation*€ 100
National correction/revocation*€ 60

*Including the publications of “Kerndaten” to be made available on or according to BVergGVS and 0,5-hour of user support for contracting authorities

Forwarding of EU forms to the Publications Office of the EUPrice per item
EU-wide notices excl. correction/revocation*€ 150
EU-wide correction/revocation*€ 100

*Prices apply to publications if the associated procedure is NOT carried out on or if they are carried out more than 12 months after the start of the procedure. Including publication of “Kerndaten” to be made available on or according to BVergGVS. Incl. 0,5-hour user support for contracting authorities.

SubscriptionsPrice per month
COMPANY (annual billing)€ 111
STANDARD (annual billing)€ 59
FLEX (monthly billing)€ 44
CLASSIC (annual billing)€ 37

ServicesPrice per hour
Support for€ 120
Training for€ 160


As of: October 16, 2023