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Welcome to the! To make the most out of the search for public tenders, you need the best possible search profile for your company. Once your search profile is optimized, it will be the most important support for finding lucrative public contracts for a long time.

We have summarized our top 5 tips for creating and improving your current search profile:

Tip 1: Use many search terms

Start by entering keywords that you already know and add known synonyms, broader terms, and categories for tenders that interest you. In the live preview of the search, you can always see the list of tenders and the number of search results from the last 60 days. In general, the more search terms you enter, the more results you will get. We recommend entering at least 10 search terms.

Tip 2: Scan titles & descriptions of tenders for keywords

If you want to create or optimize your search profile but don’t know which keywords to use, we recommend reviewing the titles and descriptions of tenders in your field of activity and including any found keywords in your search. Also, use the corresponding function of the search to display previously awarded tenders as additional data material.

Tip 3: Use autocomplete 

The search has an automatic autocomplete feature for your search terms. For example, if you search for „electrical installation,“ you will also find all tenders with the term „electrical installation works“ or the plural „electrical installations.“ Use this function to cover all variations of the term in tenders and get more relevant results.

Tip 4: Too many results? Narrow down your results with filters

If you get too many results after entering your keywords in the search, use the option to filter the search results.

Filtering by category or industry

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At the filtering by category or industry, you will see the top 5 categories or industries in which your search results are found. By clicking on one or more categories, the search results will be filtered accordingly.

Filtering by order location

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By default, all tenders within Austria are displayed in the search.

You want to narrow down your search? Enter the desired order location within Austria in the search bar and select the desired city/region/country from the list. Then, delete Austria from the list by clicking on the small „x“.

You want to search fot tenders outside Austria? Click on the globe icon located to the right of the text field, and then enter the desired job location in the text field.

You want to search for tenders throughout the EU? Delete the entry for „Austria“ by clicking on the small „x,“ and you will receive search results from the entire EU, including Austria.

Filtering by contracting authority

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Enter the desired client (e.g., ÖBB) in the corresponding search field, and you will receive only jobs from the specified clients. If you want to search for multiple clients, separate them with a comma.

Advanced Filtering by CPV-Code

Screenshot of the CPV Filter

For experienced users, we also offer the option to filter by CPV codes. CPV codes are a standardized EU-wide scheme that provides another way to filter by industries or categories. The data schema is hierarchical, so it’s recommended to start filtering with the higher-level CPV codes, as they include the search for all the subcategories or delivery locations.

Tip 5: Register for our webinars

In our monthly webinar „Erfolgreich öffentliche Aufträge finden“ you will receive additional tips on how to optimize your search profile. Oliver Enzinger, Product Owner of the search, will show you how to optimize your search profile using a concrete example, so you don’t miss any contracts.

Also, attend our webinar „Erfolgreicher um öffentliche Aufträge mitbieten“ and get valuable tips on what to consider when participating in tenders and how to increase your chances of being awarded a contract.