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Can I search for companies with without being registered?

The use of all search options for company profiles on is only possible after registration on If you only want to use the search functions of, use the option „Do not create a company profile“ in the last step of . This option is available for contracting authorities and companies. The […]

How can I contact companies found in

All company profiles that have been taken over or created by registered users offer the possibility to contact the responsible users directly via the button „Write message“ in the respective company profile in They can also reply directly using the same function. Note: The „Write message“ function is only available if the company […]

How can company profiles be excluded from the search?

Note: This feature is only available for users with a valid subscription. All company profiles that have been imported initially by from the Austrian Company Register or from the Austrian Trade Information System GISA are listed and findable by the search with the information publicly available there. If an imported company […]

How are company profiles verified?

There is no separate verification of the company profiles and their contents conducted by The initial transfer of the company profiles is done by importing from the Austrian Company Register, the information on the business licenses was added to the profiles by an initial import from the Austrian business information system GISA. Since we […]

Why are company profiles available on that have not been created by these companies themselves?

Because has imported company profiles one-time from the Austrian company register and generated them with publicly accessible basic data. This allows them to automatically appear in the search of If these company profiles are taken over and expanded by registered users, additional functions, such as the possibility of sending this company profile […]

How do I take over and extend company profiles imported into

If no company profile has been imported from the Austrian Company Register for companies of users, registered users can create a company profile manually in This can be done either after logging in by using the corresponding function or by using the function „Create company profile“ in the dashboard. users […]

How can I search for companies with offers the functionality to search the company profiles made available for the search. The following search options are available alone or in combination as simple or advanced search: search for company name, for offered goods and services via keywords, industry or CPV codes; location of the company incl. radius search, number of employees […]

How can company profiles imported into be taken over and extended?

Company profiles imported by from the Austrian Company Register can be taken over by registered users by using the corresponding function. However, they can also be taken over after logging into in the dashboard by using the function „Create company profile“. This requires the specification of the respective company register number. […]