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auftrag.at is the one-stop entry point for all eProcurement solutions of the Wiener Zeitung Mediengruppe:

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The auftrag.at - blog offers relevant content related to public tenders. Ranging from procurement case studies, informationstudies, information on current legal developments, articles on the most important processes within a procedure, to basic articles for procurement newcomers.
These contents are supplemented by news and background readings, as well as additional product information regarding the eProcurement solutions of the Wiener Zeitung Mediengruppe.

auftrag.at-blog contents are only available in German.

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auftrag.at is developed and operated by Wiener Zeitung Digitale Publikationen GmbH.

Content regarding eProcurement solutions of the Wiener Zeitung Mediengruppe in the auftrag.at blog is produced by the auftrag.at team and the Content Agentur Austria.

All auftrag.at-blog content covering general public procurement topics are created by the auftrag.at team and the legal editorial team of the Wiener Zeitung.

If marked accordingly, the blog posts are written in cooperation with the law firm FSM Rechtsanwälte or their contents are reviewed by FSM Rechtsanwälte prior to publication.

The following cooperation partners provide their expertise in the form of expert contributions for the auftrag.at blog: